About Us

School eSports Australia was founded in 2016 to provide Australian School children with a safe and enjoyable opportunity to participate in eSports within Australia.

We aim to support students and schools with the development of:

Community – eSports are great for building friendships between students in different classes and year levels, and even schools. We aim to support friendly inter-school play as well as competitive play, ensuring all students have the opportunity to practice and engage with like-minded players.

Teamwork – To succeed in eSports students must learn to work together, and even to put aside personal benefit, and do what is best for their colleagues.

Skill Development – Students will practice their reflexes, problem solving, navigation, teamwork, and

Engagement – The positive experiences students have in eSports will help build self-esteem and enthusiasm.

Focus – Students will develop their ability to remain focused on tasks, with competitive play requiring students to remain focus on a task for extended periods of time.

Achievement – eSports gives students who are not generally high-achievers in other sports or school activities an opportunity to succeed and to represent their school in the wider community.