Standing Rules

1. We communicate directly with the Team Captain, they are responsible for ensuring that all tournament communicaiton reachers the team players. It is essential that the team captain has access the their registered email address and any platforms (e.g. Discord) specified by the tournament organisers.

2. All matches are played as in 5v5 matches with ONLY registered players, if your team is a player-short on game-day you will need to compete WITHOUT a fill-in.

3. In Physical tournaments there are to be no remote-players in teams that are on-site. (Interstate teams/schools may request an exemption from this requirement on an individual basis)

4. There are two formats used for tournament games:

             Tournament Draft used for all competitive matches with competent players.

             Blind Pick – To be used ONLY when a competing team has no tournament experience and genuinely contains players that do not enough characters to enter a draft pick. If any players are found to be using an ALT account the team will be disqualified from the tournament. (Referees will decide on the eligibility of teams to play a Blind-Pick).

5. There will be no game restarts unless under extreme situations. Final decision on game restarts will be at the tournament organizers discretion.

6. Games will be time-limited to 60 minutes inclusive of the Draft-Pick time.

7. Ties. If two teams are tied at the end of the scheduled match-time, the win will be given to the team with the highest Gold count.

8. If required in a three-way tie-breaker the highest ranked team will be decided by the the team with the highest Gold-Ratio from their most recent game.

9. Matches are played in a best-of-1 format during physical tournaments (due to time-contraints), at the organisers discretion some (e.g. The Final Match), or all of the tournament may be moved to a best-of-3 or best-of-5 format. The format MUST be made clear to the team captain BEFORE the team begins competing in the round.

10. Hardware: We provide Keyboard/Mouse/Headset when available. You are encouraged to bring your own hardware if preferred. We DO NOT have Bluetooth enabled, so bring a USB cable if you wish to use a controller.

Set-up and login time is limited to 5 minutes, so ensure that you have all of your key-binds, 2-factor authentication and hardware ready to roll.

11. Macros: Single-Key Macros are allowed, multi-key sequencing and macros such as scroll-gliding are forbidden. If you are unsure, it’s probably banned. ?

12. Technical Support: We cannot offer technical support on personal hardware, if it does not function you will need to use the provided hardware.