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There can be only 1….

Tomorrow night we will be crowing a champion Squad live form Hazel Glen College. Will you be one of the four holding this trophy…….

The STEAM Night Fortnight Tournament @Hazel Glen College is only 1 week away!

7 Days till the next Live Stream, it’s time to get your Fortnite on people!

Fail of the week – Ninja

If you do Twitch, you probably know Ninja, also you’d know he’s gone and put his foot in it. Stating that he won’t stream with female players as he doesn’t want people to start rumours. Wake up Ninja, it’s 2018

The AFL is treating AFLW as a sideshow, is this the future for their eSports teams?

Yup Football, it’s all about AFL. I don’t get it never have, probably never will. Still as interest in the AFLW grows, they are ensrunge the competition stays firmly in a sports-commercially empty spot on the yearly calendar. AFL, don’t

Telstra buys in to eSports, forgets about Australia

Telstra just bought in to TSM, an American eSports team. Yay for eSports being recognised, boo you overlooked your own backyard! I guess it makes sense on one level, it’ll be much easier to stream their teams footage without having

The NBN is delivering an eSports win for some….

As of this post, I’m still waiting for my NBN connection. Setting up for a match of LoL involves shutting down all of my other devices, unplugging backup servers and rebooting my ADSL router, hoping for a faster sync. Yes