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It’s Happening! High School League of Legends starts this Tuesday!

The League of Origin Grand Final is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow evening the AFL are running the Grand-Final of the League of Origin eSports competiton at the Margaret Court eSports Arena in Melbourne. As a part of the pre-competition entertainment two of our Year 9 students from Hazel Glen College

Fail of the week – Ninja

If you do Twitch, you probably know Ninja, also you’d know he’s gone and put his foot in it. Stating that he won’t stream with female players as he doesn’t want people to start rumours. Wake up Ninja, it’s 2018

Telstra buys in to eSports, forgets about Australia

Telstra just bought in to TSM, an American eSports team. Yay for eSports being recognised, boo you overlooked your own backyard! I guess it makes sense on one level, it’ll be much easier to stream their teams footage without having

The NBN is delivering an eSports win for some….

As of this post, I’m still waiting for my NBN connection. Setting up for a match of LoL involves shutting down all of my other devices, unplugging backup servers and rebooting my ADSL router, hoping for a faster sync. Yes

eSports may finally make it into the Olympics in 2024

The International Olympic Committee are having a forum to get themselves educated about eSports really soon. With the possibility of eSports making it into the Olympics it may be time for us all to clean up the language and start

The challenges of Team Management and Supporting Fans for Cloud9

Cloud9 are in the middle of a media meltdown: having pulled three of their core players (with some serious reasoning), many fans are in meltdown as the reality of high-level team-management and player rosters slowly sinks in. Cloud9

10 Hours of Halo TV FTW!

In 2019 10 hours of Halo episodes will go into production. Get excited!

eSports is finally making it to the Australia in the RL

eSports in Australia is finally starting to be taken seriously by people living in the main-stream! Whoop Whoop! Jump the link for all the juicy details:

Play the way you want to be played

Valve just changed the way match-making works in CS-GO, essentially the trolls and griefers will end up playing others with lower values. So remember to always play the way you’d like to be played. 🙂