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What are eSports?

An eSport is a competition based on an electronic platform, most commonly video games. Not all eSports are played in teams, some are played by individuals. Warsow, the video game that the competition will be using this year has both individual and team-based modes. This year we will be focusing on team-based games using teams of 5 students.

Why participate in eSports?

Joining and participating in School eSports is a great way to get your students involved in the wider community, and to develop student abilities across a diverse range of skills.

What are the benefits to schools and students?

Community – Sports are great for building friendships between students in different classes and year levels, and even schools. We aim to support friendly inter-school play as well as competitive play, ensuring all students have the opportunity to practice and engage with like-minded players.

Teamwork – To succeed in eSports students must learn to work together, and even to put aside personal benefit, and do what is best for their colleagues.

Skill Development – Students will practice their reflexes, problem solving, navigation, teamwork, and

Engagement – The positive experiences students have in eSports will help build self-esteem and enthusiasm.

Focus – Students will develop their ability to remain focused on tasks, with competitive play requiring students to remain focus on a task for extended periods of time.

Achievement – eSports gives students who are not generally high-achievers in other sports or school activities an opportunity to succeed and to represent their school in the wider community.

What commitment is required?

  • Practice Time for Students

Schools participating should aim to provide a mentor to the students (e.g. an Interested Teacher) and at least 1 hour of gaming per week. We recommend schools utilise at least one lunchtime per week, comprising 30 minutes of warm-up/ friendly play and 30 minutes of ranked competition.

  • A commitment to physically, or virtually meet-up with other schools to compete in inter-school competitions. This will require either transportation or the support of your ICT team.

Do I need expensive ‘Gaming’ computers? / What are the costs?

We aim to keep costs as close to zero as possible.

The games we are competing with are freely available, and will run on almost all Windows / OSX computers. Students will require a mouse to compete effectively, track-pads are insufficient for most games. We offer as much support as possible to ensure that no student is unfairly disadvantaged.

When will the inter-school events take place?

We hope to finalise the roster by the end of Term 3, and will take into account input from participating schools to ensure the least disruption possible to timetabling. Where schools are located within a reasonable distance physical meet-ups can take place, where travel distance is problematic schools can meet up virtually to compete.

I want more information / Let me in now!

If we have sparked your interest, you’re ready to go, or just want us to get in touch with your school, please fill out this form and we will help you out ASAP!