Today RSC will be playing Capture The Flag (CTF).

Teams have been allocated based on last weeks efforts.

If you are not on the roster, don’t stress you’ll be allocated at the start of the session!

CTF Roster 8-8-16 RSC


  • Usually a CTF team is divided into 2 parts: the “offence” or “attackers”, and the “defence”. A normal game setup is 2 players defending the base and 3 attackers. Players usually are specialised in defence, or offence.
  • For defence, path-anticipation, aim and blocking skills are important. Slowing down an enemy flag-carrier usually is enough to gain enough time. Riot Gun, Plasma Gun, Laser Gun or Rocket Launcher are usually a good choice to slow down a flag-carrier. Going after the flag carrier is usually not done nor a good idea. Defending the flag-point to prevent enemies from giving their flag-carrier more time is usually more important, unless you know the player having the flag is capable of “fast-capping”, and your team’s offence is having trouble getting into the enemy base (in order to take the enemy flag and return your own flag by fragging their flag-carrier).
  • For offence, speed, good movement, timing and skills with any weapon are very important. A good attack run should be synchronised. The flag carrier’s job is to get out of the enemy base as fast as possible. The support’s task is to control the enemy flag-point as long as possible after the flag-carrier is gone, and returning your own flag when you’re in a cross-cap situation.